TrippleCMAS – Monitoring the rotor – Propritary to TRES Wind

We would like to offer you a demonstration project of our Critical Component Condition Monitoring and instant Alarm System technology. With this new condition monitoring technology you will be able to condition monitor and receive instant alarm related to:

  • Relative dynamic blade pitch misalignment alarm.
  • Blade damage alarm (lightning damage, missing- stall strips, vortex generator and gurney flaps etc.)
  • Rotor yaw misalignment alarm (No need for LiDAR)
  • Blade icing event is ongoing alarm
  • Blade Leading edge erosion alarm
  • Turbulence intensity alarm
  • Rotor over speed alarm
  • Orientation of the rotor in stopped position
  • Lightning system grounding passage of pitch bearings and main shaft bearing (monitored once every xx hours)
  • Blade pitch bearing damage alarm
  • Tower movements in top of tower alarm
  • Power output characteristics
  • Peak gusts approaching the wind turbine (if 1 beam LiDAR)

We are convinced that this completely independent condition monitoring technology in modular design and feasible for all wind turbines finally will be the optimal technology for reducing risk, service costs and at the same time optimizing the power output on your entire wind turbine fleet without the use of the relative expensive LiDAR technology.  

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